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How To Score Sailboat Races

Commonly referred to as "I finished ahead of that boat. Is the #%!&@ race committee blind?!?" 

Series scores (both one-design and handicap)

Series scores are simply the sum of the individual race scores for each boat, minus the scores for throw-out races, if any. Note that a fleet might have local fleet rules for determining race and/or series scores. 

Add up all race scores for each boat. That is the boat's total points, or "pre-throw out" points. For one-design fleets, race scores are usually the boats' finish places. For PHRF handicap scoring, see sections following the series scores.

See a series example.

Series scores, with throw-outs

Determine how many races are to be thrown out for the series. Add up the highest race scores for each boat for the number of throw out races. That gives each boat's throw-out points.

Subtract those throw-out points from the boat's total points to determine the boat's net points ("after-throw out"). Net points determine the ranking for the series.

See a sample series with throw outs.

Ties are usually not allowed in a series. The tie-breaking rules are a little more complex than I care to get into here. See the Racing Rules of Sailing, section A8.

PHRF time-on-time scoring (handicap fleets)

PHRF scoring uses boats' handicaps to convert their actual race times into the "corrected times" that are ranked to determine the finish order for the race. The finish place determines how many points are assigned to each boat for each race in the series to determine the series score. 

See US Sailing's time-on-time scoring in PHRF for a more-thorough explanation, or You vs. "Them" for quick and dirty estimating on the fly.

The PHRF process, in English 

Look up a boat's handicap in the table. The table is on the PHRF tab in the keelboat race results for any series.
  (Don't like a boat's handicap? Talk to the fleet captain, NOT the scorekeeper!)

Plug that handicap into the "Correction Factor" formula, below.

Multiply the total elapsed time, in seconds, times that correction factor.

Elapsed Time = (hours * 3600) + (minutes * 60) + seconds

Corrected Time = Elapsed Time * Correction Factor

Round the corrected time to the nearest whole second.
  (Required by the Racing Rules of Sailing, section A3.)

See a corrected-time example.

PHRF Formula 

Correction Factor = A / (B + PHRF Handicap)

where A = 650, B = 550, so:

Correction Factor = 650 / (550 + PHRF Handicap)

Race results 

Race results are simple, once the corrected times are calculated. Rank the boats by corrected times from lowest to highest, exactly as you would if those corrected times were actual elapsed times in a fleet without handicapping. Lowest time wins. Boats that did not finish (DNF), did not start (DNS), did not come to start (DNC), were disqualified (DSQ) or received any other scoring from the Race Committee are assigned a rank according to the racing rules as modified by any club or fleet rules. Ties are acceptable for individual races in a series. 

Here's an example ranking corrected times.


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