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You may use these low-resolution images for personal use to your heart's content, as long as you give photo credit to the photographer (Richard Cook). Publication requires permission, except that GMSC may use these for internal club publication without explicit permission.


26 June 2011, in the shadow of Pinnacle

28-29 May 2011, Hawg Wild Regatta, with a great wind

3 October 2010, a decent breeze, only a few to enjoy it

4-5 September 2010, Labor Day Regatta

22 August 2010, another beautiful day on the lake

25 July 2010

22 June 2010, Y-Flyer Nationals, Tuesday afternoon practice race

6 June 2010, finally some wind, the season's now on

29-30 May 2010, Hawg Wild Regatta, in spite of a serious lack of wind

11 April 2010, keelboats, sunshine and Pinnacle, always a great mix!

4 October 2009, great wind! Hobies didn't even sail – a little wind, a little chill, a little old age – but that left me free to shoot. That beautiful wind brought waves; darn photo boat just wouldn't sit still, so some shots are a little fuzzier than I'd like.

12 Juy 2009, nice day, good wind, but sunscreen in my eyes left me shooting by instinct with my eyes half closed.

28 June 2009, great breezes in the shadow of Pinnacle – with a little help from Leslie's hidden cam (148)

23 May 2009, Hawg Wild Regatta, Saturday (the only day I shot), including Garry, high and dry on his centerboard, supervising while Sam does all the work! (292)

19 April 2009, a sample from Sample; these were all taken by David Sample, near the end of the keelboat season and his stint as RC Chair. (30)

18 January '09
, what a beautiful wind! (192)

21 December '08, ice boating at GMSC. Vicki wanted to remind us that for an afternoon we seemed to be in Zenda! (5)

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