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Welcome to the Underground!

The Underground is still going strong. Now that the official club site is useful and up to date, some of the things you've found here in the past are at the official site, where they belong. Now I can focus on the fun things and leave the work to others!

Racing schedule right to your calendar

You can download the 2013 centerboard schedule right into your calendar (Outlook or most other calendar programs). Here it is mid-June already, and I finally remembered to update this.

RSS feed notifies you of updated race results

Since I stopped emailing when results are updated, I've added an RSS feed so you can keep yourselves informed. It will let you know whenever I update race results.  Subscribe to the feed and be the first on your block to know!

You vs. Them updated for 2012-13

Both fleets are now current. Note that the 2 J-22s are rated differently, mostly because they carry different sail plans: You vs. Them. Only the custom version is now availalbe. The older one-size-fits-all version is less useful, and I don't intend to bring it up to date.

Handicap scoring is now completely transparent

Race Committee scoresheets for the 2012-13 keelboat season are now online. That means you can verify every step of the scoring process that's in my hands, from the raw input data I receive from the RC, to the final scores. They're available from the race results page. (Verifying that the RC recorded your raw time correctly is still up to you.)

Racing Rules of Sailing updated for 2013-2016

The new RRS (2013-2016) are now available online (as a pdf). Go for that one if you've never bothered to read the rules (you know who you are; so does everyone else). If you're already comfortable with the rules, the marked-up study version shows all changes from the previous rules, in lime green.

How to Score

Are you unsure how races are scored? Confused about how your boat's handicap actually affects your finish place? Trying to figure out why the Race Committee marks you down even when you finish first? Stop cursing the RC and check out How to Score for a better understanding of how the numbers work. 

Sharpen your racing skills

Practice these simple online exercises to hone your skills when you're not on the water. Currently includes exercises covering compass-heading calculations you use on standard race courses (Olympic and windward-leeward). Also includes headings on the opposite tack or gybe. You'll be amazed at how quickly your compass math improves with a bit of regular practice.

Lake Level

You can keep track of the lake level and other data for Lake Maumelle at Maumelle Guage.

Updated 29 January 2013

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